The Purdy still resting on his shoulder.

Thought. I struggled to keep myself from falling apart like Loxley, but I my blog longed to join her. Loxley's hands shook. She looked at Kaira and Markus, and her eyes narrowed. She looked back at me. I held her gaze, determined to stay strong and somehow transfer that strength to my mentor. She looked down at the ground. Why is it always you, Ingrid? she questioned, defeated. The bow and arrow dropped from her hands onto the ground. Why is it always you that stops me from doing what I need to do? You're always in google my way. I grimaced, hurt by her words. She looked back up with new trails falling from her eyes. You're always stopping me from making the biggest mistakes of my life. Loxley collapsed on her knees, sobbing into her hands. I crawled over to her and enveloped her in my arms. She grabbed onto my shirt, crying into it. My eyes led as I tried to shush the older girl. I was no good at this. Lesia was always the one comforting me when I needed it. That was so intense. I felt thoroughly drawn and quartered. I lifted my vision back up to Ty, and he gave me a thumbs up. Good job, he mouthed, not daring to speak aloud during this emotional moment. Somebody explain what the just happened here! Too bad that sentiment didn't apply to everyone in the vicinity.   Accretion If I had to paint a picture representing the words baffled, horrified, furious, and fuzzled, it would be John Woodham's face right about now. He raised his gun, pointing it everywhere at everything and everybody that moved. Loxley pulled back from me, startled by his outburst. All of you! he bellowed before looking at every face for someone he could get answers out of. You just start talking. I don't even know . . . I can't . . . I never, he stumbled over his words, trying to come up with some kind of dialogue. That huge man j-just melted his arm like a . . . and then disappeared in a puff of smoke . . . and Miss Robins. Miss Robins, you had a bow and wanted to kill that fellow. Hell's bells! Ty exclaimed as he threw his arms up. We've done it this time. Y-you stay where buy youtube views y-y-you a-are, Callahan, Woodham stuttered, aiming his firearm at Ty. I saw you do some weird stuff, too. Assaulting that woman with the golden eyes. That's not normal! Ty rolled his eyes. Sure isn't, he agreed. She had silver hair, too. That's freaky. That's not what I meant! Woodham yelled youtube back. His eyes darted around at everyone again. I'm serious! buy youtube views The jungle gym flew out of the sky and nearly landed on my police car! One of you better start talking! Please, calm down, Johnny, Loxley eased while wiping her face and standing up. I'll tell you everything, but you need to keep your voice down. We don't want any more attention. Loxley, you can't be serious, I complained to her. We don't have much of a choice, Loxley reasoned. He's already seen too much. Ugh, fine, I surrendered, crossing buy youtube views my arms. But give him the abridged version. We don't have time to stick around here much longer with all that commotion that just went on. Woodham blinked between the two of us like we were speaking in a foreign tongue. If he was spooked out by that little tidbit, boy, oh boy, just wait 'til he heard the whole story. Loxley told him bits-and-pieces: the highlights